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Latest News:

12/01/2015 Another Diablo 2 Ladder Season arrived! We've updated the shop, and more items coming, stay tuned!

05/30/2015 All New D2 Ladder Season items have been added into our selections!

11/11/2014 Fastest and cheapest Diablo 3 Legendary Service added to our selection!

11/15/2014 We have lowered the price for all our diablo 2 items!

03/29/2013 Ladder season has been reset, we expect to have many variety of items within a day. Be sure to check back for our latest updates.

9/27/2010 Ladder resets tomorrow and yes, D2papa will have items for sale in the new ladder within a few days. Stay tuned for all the crazy deals!

9/03/2010 Review page added!
Please feel free to post your comments for d2papa.

6/28/2010 Huge site update completed
For old members please re-register new account for all new features.

4/20/10 Huge Price Dropped
All New Ladder Items Clearance/Prices Slashed 50%.

3/22/10 Ladder Season resetting tomorrow
D2papa will have items listed for the NEW season within a Day-2!!

1/3/10 Updated our database
Added over 2000+ Diablo 2 Items, all legit and in stock, ready to go

1/1/10 Tons of new items coming
As part of our mission to keep updated we'll be adding Cd-keys, hardcore realms, and a larger selection of charms and other items over the next two weeks!

25/12/09 Merry Christmas!
D2papa Team would like to say: Merry Christmas to all our valued customers. And YES, we deliver on Christmas day too.

10/11/09 Entire store's prices have been slashed
Dramatic D2 items prices reduced have been primarily done on the non-ladder sections as to provide all our customers the lowest price among all other stores.

8/01/09 Raffle Contest added
Make a 10$ purchase and you'll be entered for a chance to win valuable free prizes on the month August, such as perfect Grief Berserker axes, perfect torches, and Anni's. We're even giving out coupons for $10.00 of free items!